Baroque Prague

Jan Bonìk

La baroque, a pearl of irregular shape.

A truly perfect name for the art period named after it. A symbol of unearthly beauty, a miracle of colors and the artistic perfection of architects, who were able to thrill both paupers and kings. Christians no longer had to huddle in Romanesque basilicas, fear for their future in the mystical darkness of Gothic cathedrals or find themselves in the confusing Renaissance style.

This is what Baroque Prague is all about. People who visit Prague in fact agree on having a feeling of rare understanding. As if they suddenly became a part of this city. While other cities hide their face in brume and silence, the city on the Vltava River brightly shines with its unique beauty that several generations of master builders from a small region in Northern Italy brought here. Within just several decades of the 17th century, they were able to create a unique architectural style that, in many ways, is comparable with the most beautiful edifices of Rome. The Baroque soul of Prague was born from the tragic division caused by the Thirty-Year War, but is nowhere near as religious as the original commission of religious orders and foreign noblemen was. The fatal conflict brought forth art that is increasingly admired and recognized as a unique phenomenon ? the Czech Baroque style.

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Jan Bonìk (1945)

studierte an der Akademie für Musische Künste (AMU) in Prag, anschließend an der Hochschule für Musische Künste in Finnland. Er war an mehr als 800 Dokumentarfi lmen für das Tschechische Fernsehen, für den BBC Channel Four, ORF und für die Stiftung J. P. Getty in Los Angeles beteiligt.

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